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One Step Closer Animal Rescue (O.S.C.A.R.)

'Helping you find your new best friend'

Sparta, NJ

Pet Adoption Application Form


Our dogs/cats are not first come/first serve. We place our dogs/cats with the home that is the best fit for them. Not all animals are good in all homes, whether it's their personalities, nature, or breed. We base our decision on what's best for the dog/cat and the family. Thanks for understanding.

Adoption Fee is to be paid by Money Order or Cash - No checks, please.

If you have any questions before filling out this application, please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Please fill out the form completely so we can process your information accurately and in a timely manner. Thank you.

Fields with * are required.


Dog or Cat's Name:

* Applicant First Name:
* Applicant Last Name:
* Street Address:
* City:
* State:
* Zip:
* Home Phone:
* Cell Phone:
* Email:


Name and phone number of the vet you have had within the last 10 years. (Please call them ahead of time so they will know we are calling. If your vet has your dog/cat under your maiden name, please give us that name as well. Thank you.)

Vet Name:
Vet Phone:

Reference 1 Name:
Reference 1 Phone:
Reference 2 Name:
Reference 2 Phone:

Place of Employment:
How many hours a day do you work?
How much time will the animal be left alone?
If dog, are you planning on crate training? Yes   No
Where will the dog/cat be kept at night?
During the day?

Who else lives in the residence with you? (If any children, what are their ages?)

Does anyone in your home have dog or cat allergies? Yes   No
Do you have any other pets? Yes   No

If Yes, please provide:
    Name, Age, Breed, M/F, Spayed/Neutered, and Description of Personality.

Why did you choose this pet and how will you provide a good home?

When are you prepared to adopt the dog/cat you are applying for?

Do you have any prior experience with dogs/cats?

What problems would cause you to have to return this pet?

Have you ever surrendered a pet to a shelter/pound? Please explain.

Is your family willing to allow time for the animal to adjust to its new home?

Yes   No
For Dogs: Are you planning on having their ears cropped?
(cut to stand straight up)

Yes   No
For Dogs: Are you planning on having their tail docked?
(cut to leave very little tail left - just a nub)
Yes   No

If yes, please explain.

For Cats: Are you planning on having the cat declawed?

Yes   No

If yes, please explain.

Your Home: Own

Home Type: House

Home Location: City

RENTERS: Do you have permission from your landlord for a pet? Yes   No
CONDO OWNERS: Does your condo association allow pets? Yes   No

Do you have a yard? Yes   No
Is it fenced? Yes   No
What type of fencing, if any?
Landlord/condo association’s phone number:
How long at this residence?

Have you ever been in a situation where you re-homed a dog/cat, such as with a family member or friend? Please explain.

Please describe your household. (ie: active, quiet, noisy, energetic, etc.)

Who will be providing the majority of the care for this animal?
Where will the animal stay while you are on vacation?
How did you hear about One Step Closer Animal Rescue?


Are you aware that if for any reason you can no longer take care of the animal, he/she is to be returned to us? Yes   No

Are you aware that if for any reason we deem that this animal is not being cared for properly that you will be required to return the dog/cat to us immediately?

Yes   No

O.S.C.A.R. will make every effort towards the adoption of the dog/cat I am requesting, pending my application approval, but I do understand that this application does not guarantee the adoption of the dog/cat that I am applying for.

Yes   No

Note: Adding a new member to your family is a big decision — a life-long commitment. Please discuss this decision with your entire family. We would like everyone to be excited about the new addition. It would save us time that we could put into the animals, and you heart-ache in the long run. Thank you.

** Please remember puppies/kittens are not potty trained and require training and work. They are a big responsibility. Please think about a puppy/kitten versus an adult dog/cat before adopting.


We are frequently asked: "Why isn't the shelter open for walk through visits? Why do I have to make an appointment to see animals?"

At OSCAR, one of our highest priorities is the health and well-being of the animals in our care. Unlike city shelters or pounds, whose residents are in place for a short time, as a no-kill shelter, our pets are often with us for weeks, months or even years. The shelter is the only safe place and home they know. When strangers, even well-meaning ones looking to adopt, walk through the shelter, it stresses our animals. We make appointments for potential adopters that submitted applications that have been approved through our process to meet our dogs either in our BarkYard or one of our meeting rooms. We’ll spend as much time as you need and introduce you to as many animals as you’d like to meet in order to make the best match and help you find the perfect new family member!

We hold pet adoption events as much as possible for anyone interested in our animals. It is a great chance for you to come down and meet a bunch of dogs/cats before deciding who is a good fit for you. If you are coming to an adoption event to see a certain dog/cat, please email ahead of time to make sure that dog/cat will be there that day. Please email 1-2 days before the event, as some animals are placed during the week and our list is constantly changing. Individual meet and greets with specific animals are by appointment only. An approved application must be on file prior to scheduling of a meet and greet.

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